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Lunatech is an IT development and consulting company specialized in Big data, Machine learning, Front end, System integration, Scala, Java, and DevOps.

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We make sure to consolidate and simplify your existing information systems while adding additional functionality. WE can also provide team extension to your current projects.

System Integration

We make sure to consolidate and simplify your existing information systems while adding additional functionalities.

Scala expertise

We are Scala experts and have been working with Scala and its technologies for years.


We can automate the deployment and manage your software from start to finish.

Java expertise

We are Java experts and have been working with him for years. We have contributed to many open source Java projects.

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Lunatech teams participate in various events and conferences each year. Explore our articles and testimonies!

Configuring Applications With Docker

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But it worked on my machine!I still remember when I was a young developer and someone introduced me to the environments where an application could be deployed: dev, test, acceptance,…

Time Range Queries With Cassandra And Akka Streams

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Apache Cassandra and Akka Streams, a match made in heaven. In this blogpost I hope to explain how the two seamlessly work together by using a real-life example. For a…

Lessons Learned Using Spark Structured Streaming

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Recently, I had to update a Spark application using Spark Streaming to Spark Structured Streaming. During this process, there were some parts I couldn’t find documentation or examples on. I decided…

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Lunatech is based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam), Belgium (Leuven) and France (Chessy).

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer


Software Developer, Amsterdam

Software Developer, Amsterdam


Software Engineer, Rotterdam

Software Engineer, Rotterdam



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